I like tennis and at times become obsessed with the professional game, especially the ITF Circuit. Having worked for the USTA, I’ve had the opportunity to see from $10k’s up to the US Open and the year-end World Tour Finals.

It started with me wanting to know everything I could about the tour. For years I have wanted a way find out immediately how players I know are doing. The ITF has improved, but still makes this difficult.

I also know there is this wealth of information out there on the entire system. The problem is organizing into a something that can be useful.

This brings me to the end game. People I discuss this project with ask me this constantly. There really isn’t one. I want to accumulate as much data as possible and disseminate it to those who are interested. I also want to analyze this data in a way to bring new insights to the ‘lower’ levels of professional tennis.

So for now the goals are these: accumulate, disseminate and analyze the circuit data to make the game more interesting. That is pretty vague, but the first thing is to get started.

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