End of an Era

Things Change. People move on. That is what is happening. I am still working towards selling the website, but for now it goes away.

It is really sad that the thing which brought me joy for all of these years has become a burden. But that is the case.

It’s time. So so long.

9 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. Ron Bulman says:

    Bittersweetly I want to say, Thanks for the memories. From the bottom of my heart. I wish you and yours only the best, good luck in the future and God Speed. I sincerely hope you succeed in selling the site to responsible parties, your work should be preserved and continued. It is to great to be lost to time, it is historical.
    One final football plug if you’ll allow. If you’ve enjoyed the site, all should find time to see 12 Mighty Orphans. While not the book, still a great movie.
    Vaya Con Dios. Ron Bulman/aka 51eleven.

  2. Raymond "Cubby" Pearce says:

    Granger, I want to thank you for all of the fun and good times on your Sixman website. I was so saddened when I saw that you were closing up shop. I started filming for the Richland Springs Coyotes in 1996 and have only missed two games, which happened to occur during cancer treatments. I have always been in awe of your knowledge and dedication to the game and certainly appreciate you and your family for giving you all of the time to help the small, unsung Texas rural schools. We love you at RS and I hope to see your picture one day on Coach Burkhart’s wall of honor, along with the multitude of Sixman stars that came out of our little school! Thanks again Granger.
    Raymond “Cubby” Pearce

  3. Jesse Limones Jr says:

    I was a sophomore at Loraine High School when you started this. I remember Coach Cooper had the Huntress report. It was titled, “Who can run with the Big Dogs”, which was us, Mullin, Milford, and Amhers. Things for all the recognition from all of us here in the Sixman world. You’re gonna be missed. God bless

  4. Glenn Slaton says:

    Man, so sad to hear, but totally understandable. That Bynum game in ‘94 was my last (broke my collarbone before halftime). Since then I have always looked forward to seeing the reports and looking on the site when I was far from home. Mom sent me the news letter when I was in Korea in ‘99. In 2000 she would send me updates she had gotten from you when I was in Kosovo. 4 tours between Iraq and Afghanistan I could count on sixmanfootball.com to keep me in the loop on things in the “real world” and served as a shot of relief for a bad case of homesickness. Thank you again for everything and God bless you & your family.

  5. thanks for all your hard work and dedication to sixmanfootball.com you’ve made it so easy for us coaches to see rankings, find games throughout the season, and connect with the now 250+ six man team all across the great state of Texas! thank you, thank you. You and all your hard work and support will be missed and never matched.

  6. Lee Weathersbee says:

    WOW sorry to hear your moving on but you have to do what is best for you. Because of you, sixman football came to life in Texas. You gave small football towns a voice that only the bigger schools enjoyed. Put the kids on the front page of sixman news and gave them pride in their high school football endeavors, where none had ever existed.. Now, because of your web site they had a reason to play their best, to beat the odds sort of speaking. I saw my first six man game when I was a junior at Sul Ross in 1963 between Ft. Davis and Balmorhea. If you had started then no telling where sixman football would be today. As it is sixman football owes you a forever debt of gratitude for bring it out of the closet and exposing the hidden treasure it is in high school athletics. Your readers and subscribers, I am one, are truly Blessed to have been part of this/your adventure. God Bless and good luck in your future endeavors. Lee Weathersbee, Del Rio, Texas

  7. says:

    I’m one of those who understand burden. What those of us do and have done over the years is and always will be hard. And as some of us get to an age where the time expended doesn’t make up for those burdens, it becomes time for a break. Haven’t really thought about it until now, but really the proliferation of non-UIL programs is the biggest thing that has changed since 1994 – when we first interacted. And while all flavors of leagues, divisions, etc. have those who do the things well to promote their school (and kids), I’m afraid the larger percentage of those – and yes, they’re strapped for time – who don’t are from the non-UIL side. I’ve witnessed for years the machinations undertaken every week to get every single score each week. It was amazing to see and at times be a part of. My fear is that 2021 will take double the effort of any other year before. BUT it is rare to have friends like yourself that one can say that they known for approaching 30 years. Thank you!

  8. Russell Stimmel says:

    Thank you for all the memories on six man.com… I grew up playing six man football in midland tx for a private school, trinity. We had a good run from 09-11. Thanks for all the hard work!

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