Why this?

I am a self-described nerd, who is currently a 48-year old graduate student in the Business Analytics program at the McCombs Business School at the University of Texas at Austin.

In 1993, I developed a rankings system for six-man football in Texas. I ran a newsletter called The Huntress Report, which later became the website, sixmanfootball.com.

About five years ago I began a website dedicated to college tennis in Texas, texascollegetennis.com. I repost press releases and used to blog until I became an employee within the UT Athletics Department. I hope to get back to blogging there soon, but will definitely keep posting the team rankings I develop several years ago.

I decided it was time to centralize my blogging and have a place where I can post  other projects that do not generally fall into these two categories of my life.

I have an awesome life which includes my wife Tara and our two kids, Kepler and Colby.